Growing up, I would tuck myself in bed, and under the covers, would flash a light to read the Harry Potter series. As soon as I heard my mom coming upstairs to check on me, I’d pretend to be sleeping, and the moment she turned around to go to bed, I would turn my flashlight on and continue delving into the wizarding world.


When I finished the book series, I, like many other Potter fans, felt a sense of emptiness.. I honestly hoped there would be a Sequel or some Prequel to follow the last book, but no– JK Rowling ended the series perfectly to where there could be no continuation. And the real devastation hit once I watched the final film in theaters, and as the movie ended, you could just hear the muffled sniffling and tears of the audience.. that was it. No more Harry.


This past week, I stumbled upon an article about JK Rowling and how she’ll be screen-writing a new film which “expands” into the wizarding world. Wait… so what does that mean? As I continued reading, it said that Rowling wants to adapt her book “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them” onto the silver screen as a treat to her Harry Potter fans. But,  reading more about this new film makes me disheartened, I don’t know if other potter fans feel this way, but the article does not fail to mention the amount of revenue the Potter series generated for the company– it only makes me wonder if this film is being made to continue dragging Potter fans along, in hopes of some more Hogwarts/ Hogsmeade/ Diagon Alley scenes. 


Either way, I don’t believe this film will be as successful as the Harry Potter series, and only time will tell if the real Potter fans will be dissatisfied with this move by JK Rowling and her production team. 


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