Lorde sweeps the Music Industry.

The First time I heard Lorde’s music was in early May of 2013. I was with my friend, we were driving down PCH, and she said, “listen to this artist, isn’t she amazing?”




(Lorde pictured above) 

After hearing a couple tracks, I was impressed. There was a ton of variety, her voice was unique, and the sound was very fresh.


A few tracks later, my friend turned around and said, “Oh yeah, she’s only 16.”


I was in disbelief.


I did some research on her when I went home– Ella-Yelich O’Connor, better known as Lorde is a 16 year old New Zealand Native who has been writing music for several years– and gathers inspiration from her Poet Mother and Kanye West.


For some reason, I was so intrigued by Lorde’s presence in the music industry. The first month or two I listened to her EP entitled “The Love Club” and the only image of her available on websites was a graphic image of her in what seems like a a fur scarf. I thought the market strategy was brilliant– nobody really knew who she was/ how old she was/ what she looked like unless they took the time to extensively. For a 16 year old, that’s pretty advanced marketing. 


(The Love Club-EP cover art) 

As the summer went on, Lorde’s name began to pop up on 8 tracks, Tumblr, Twitter– and other social networking websites with a large amount of tech-saavy “young users”. Her music went viral, and the next thing I knew, I was listening to her #1 Single “Royals”— this is not even mentioning the fact that tickets to her LA show sold out in 3 minutes– I instantaneously tweeted at her when I heard the news: “Who are you? Beyoncé?!”


In 17 years, she is the FIRST female to take the #1 spot on Alternative charts– and only at the age of 16! 


Her music isn’t what normal “teenage girl pop/alternative” sounds like– boy crazy lyrics, boy oriented, or living fabulously– in fact, it’s the exact opposite– Royals embraces the majority of young adults who are influenced by the “fabulous” lifestyles other artists sing/perform about.



(Debut album “Pure Heroine” cover art)

Recently, her debut album entitled “Pure Heroine” has been released as a live stream online for the entire week prior to her release date (Sept.30)– not only are her sounds different than anything Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, or Katy Perry are producing, but they’re insightful, beautifully engineered, and brand new to anything the music industry has seen. 


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