Blast in the New Generation

This week I came across an article that was explaining a possible change in the education system. The headline read “Teachers train to face school shooter”.


At first, it made me upset, and as I continued to open and read the article, I realized that I’m living in a new generation. A generation of shootings being a “regular” part of our nightly news. 


I, like many of my peers, grew up in an era of fear in schools. 9/11 instilled a fear of the unknown in our community– none of us knew when/ if there would be an act of violence in public, schools, or our homes. I never knew that this paranoia would turn into an actual reality in 2013. It seems as though the word “shooting” is a daily part of our news– whether it’s at elementary schools, movie theaters, or daily massacres in cities like St. Louis or Chicago,  it makes me wonder: are we becoming numb to gun violence, or is gun violence becoming “normal”. 


(Common Anti-Gun political cartoon) 

Either way it’s worrisome. I never knew that “trained to defend from shooter” would be a part of my 5th grade teacher’s job description.


I think we have to realize, as an older generation, that things change. Just like how my grandpa doesn’t understand technology, I don’t understand how “normal” it has become to see “17 Killed in Shooting” on the news– I’m so afraid that I’m becoming insensitive to the number of casualties we see in the media– its effect is something that makes me nervous to see in our youth— how they will adapt to the reality of gun violence, what measures schools will take to prevent gun violence, and what will actually happen with gun laws. 



(Erin Burnett talks about Gun Debate)


To me, hearing about the shootings that have occurred over the last few years is a call to gun control WITHOUT a question. I definitely think the conversation about WHAT we can do about guns has become much more frequent at the dinner table, in schools, and in the media– but taking action is part that these conversations stop.


Though reading this article made me angry– it made me realize how the times have changed, and now that shootings aren’t a foreign concept in any setting, it maybe IS for the best that schools prepare their educators to also protect their students. 


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