Vice Vice Baby

Vice Magazine.


The first time I had heard about this publication, I was in high school. It sounded like another “Time Magazine” or “Variety Magazine“– and I ignored it for a while. However, in recent months, I use it to read my news. 


What’s really unique about Vice is their approach in the news. They take cultural/social/political issues and incorporate the work of columnists, photographers, cartoonists, fiction writers, and journalists into their work. 


I chose to blog about VICE because it’s the kind of writing I’d hope to be involved in if I go forth with print journalism/online print journalism. It attracts a younger audience with insightful, fun approaches to serious and hard-hitting events occurring world wide.



[Controversial magazine covers Vice has published  in the past]

Their use of social media is smart– they’re minimal, creative, and strictly professional online– there aren’t any annoying ads or boring headlines– in fact, here are some great examples of their headlines:


Everyone Sucks 


I Was a Drug Dealer’s Delivery Service Guy 


Meet the Guy Who Shot Porn on the Westboro Baptist Church’s Lawn


This Week in Racism


Turkey Really Doesn’t Want Gay People to Have Sex 



Reading these headlines is initiative enough to click on the link or read below the headline– compared to news outlets like the NY Times, VICE takes similar, if not, the same newsworthy stories, but they make catchy headlines, and have interesting people write their stories.


Does this mean ANYONE should be able to write a column or an OP/ED piece on Russia’s Anti-Gay fiasco? No. But it means that having a graphic artist work collaboratively with a columnist could produce an enticing story– attracting a younger audience and to interest a demographic that would otherwise be scrolling through twitter, reading irrelevant, substance-less tweets. 


In general, I do think that people want to read opinionated pieces. They might not think they enjoy it, but people like having something to criticize, and VICE magazine gives their readership just that– controversial takes on controversial issues with great art, insight, and graphics. 




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