BuzzFeed: Journalism oooooor not?

One word. BuzzFeed.


It’s the one website I constantly see being posted on my friends’ Facebook walls, and it’s the one website that has changed the world of “journalism”– or can we even call it that?


I had originally heard about BuzzFeed through my cousin, she told me it was some website that had noteworthy videos, pictures, and events posted on it– all of those novelty-type funny videos and images we see on youtube or watch on Tosh.0– nothing intriguing to me.


Somehow, I watched the gradual build up of BuzzFeed on my newsfeed, especially on Facebook– and eventually twitter, until it became an explosion. But, can we really call BuzzFeed a “news source”? 


I mean, BuzzFeed does cover significant events, but what gets people hooked to BuzzFeed is not their coverage on the government shutdown, it’s their endless lists that so many of their followers find absolutely addicting. 


(Typical Headlines on BuzzFeed)

Some of them are entitled “26 Reasons Why You are Best Friends with Your Best Friend”— “35 of the Most LA things to Happen” These posts are often followed by a list of things, and along with these things are GIFS (or moving photos) from movies, shows, famous quotes, etc. 


I get it, people like to be entertained, but is BuzzFeed really as great as it seems?


In ways, absolutely yes. I find myself cackling out loud (COL) to posts like “23 Ways You Know You’re a Hot Cheetos Addict” (ALL OF WHICH ARE UNFORTUNATELY TRUE)– but I guess the only problem with BuzzFeed is that it guises itself as a news source, and for the sake of journalism, I think it’s best it identifies itself as a purely entertaining blog of some sort.


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