American Idols

A couple weeks ago, I blogged about music sensation, Lorde. At only 16, she’s topping the charts, her album entitled “Pure Heroine”— the sound is mature and brave. However, lately, another 16 year old has been making media headlines: Malala Yousefzai.


This young Pakistani girl is an advocate for education, and has literally almost lost her life over her war for education. She’s on the Taliban’s target list, but she continues to strongly advocate her cause.


After watching her guest-star on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, I was blown away by her fearless, yet humble attitude when Jon Stewart asked her about the dangers she faces, but her persistence in getting her message across.




Even Christiane Amanpour held an interview with Malala– a more personal, feature interview with her– and it just made me wonder: How many more 16-year-old heroines are there?


Sure, Lorde calls herself a Pure Heroine, but there are hundreds of girls and women fighting for rights in education, society, and government in their countries– who is the real hero?


Though Malala is getting media attention, she is only getting a VERY small fraction of the coverage she and her fellow revolutionaries should be getting. It frustrates me, because a divorce between two famous reality television stars will make the front cover on dozens of magazines, but those who contribute to a crucial cause remain silent in the US mainstream media– and when one person comes around who is exceptional in anyway, the media will turn him/her into a heroic figure, but the buzz will die down quickly. 


Unfortunately, we live in a country that idolizes the Golden Globes over a UN Women’s Conference– but with the right journalists (forthcoming, present, and in the distant future) we will hopefully idolize the Malala’s and not the Kris Jenners. 



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