Victims of Beauty

Recently, there was a fashion editorial in a Bulgarian fashion magazine entitled “Victim of Beauty”— it was a series of photographs of models in expensive couture clothing, hair and makeup done, however, they have bruises, cuts, scratches– from what looks like violence.


This editorial is not to raise awareness to domestic violence, but it glamorizes the wounds, which is a problematic message to convey. The models in this editorial are done up in sultry makeup: smoky eyes, red lips– as well as their “brutalized faces”– To me, this editorial has nothing to do with fashion, it’s not a progressive statement artistically, and it was NOT well thought out. 


We learn about “double-conciousness”– seeing something and recognizing the double-meaning. In “Victim of Beauty”, the message does not even hold a double meaning because being victimized for being beautiful, or being abused for any reason is not acceptable. By publishing this piece, not only is the Bulgarian public exposed to it, but because of the controversial nature of it, more and more people are learning about this editorial, HOPEFULLY realizing what an awful publicity move it was on behalf of the publication. 

There really are not many words to describe this editorial, and the message it conveys is clear to the readers at first glance. The following are several images from the campaign. 




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