Starbucks fall menu brings joy to the world

The leaves have turned, the air has become crisp, and the fall/winter menu at Starbucks is back in action. When walking into the Starbucks on 9th st, one is greeted with the sounds of cappuccino machines running, baristas calling out orders for the customers, and the strong smell of coffee.

With the new fall menu, more customers contribute to the already-hectic rush hour to grab a red coffee cup filled with the warm, fall flavors. Hannah Smith, student at Mizzou talks about her love for Starbucks, especially in the fall.

“For some reason the fall flavor a taste a lot better than the originals.

Pumpkin spice has to be my favorite in the holiday red cup–it’s so festive!

It makes the waiting period between now and Thanksgiving bearable.”



Caramel bruleé, gingerbread, and pumpkin spice are a few of the festive drinks Starbucks has to offer during the fall/winter season. With the holidays approaching, the atmosphere in world-wide coffee shop chain is universal and can be recognized anywhere, not just Columbia, MO.


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